Introducing the

an exclusive community where experienced investors share their investment decisions with its members.

Why you should join:

Learn from Investment guardians & maximize your profits

Financial experts not limited to the NFT space share their investment decisions with you.

Earn staking rewards & access to exclusive collections

Stake your membership pass and receive $MYH staking rewards, which give access to secret NFT projects and financial education material.

Membership benefits was created as a community by investors for investors:
❌ No pseudo-interactive games
❌ No bubbles marketing
❌ No Influencer YouTube Yapping Bullsh*t

✅ Only profitable opportunities!

Benefit #1

Access to accredited international financial experts who share their investments with club members. Experts from all asset classes such as precious metals, equities, real estate, corporates, crypto, and others are already on board.

Benefit  #2

Floor price recommendations within the community for all MoneyHero NFT collections.

Benefit #3 members will get early access to new guardian NFTs.

Benefit #4

The membership NFT can be staked to earn $MYH, the MoneyHero token. $MYH can be traded or staked to access financial education like courses, summits and more.

Benefit #5

80% of all income through sales and royalties will be shared with the community: 

  • 50% goes to the guardian
  • 20% are paid out as rewards to members who stake their NFT.
  • 10% is shared with affiliates (each club member can recommend new guardians and receive lifetime commissions if their suggestion is accepted and added to the club!)

Benefit #6

Access to lounges in your own language to connect with like-minded NFT investors.

Benefit #7

Access to the best available bots in the NFT and crypto market. is in active development and not all features & functionalities will be available at launch.
How can I join the club?
  1. Watch the current webinar here.
  2. If you're granted access, mint your club member NFT
  3. Join our Discord channel and verify your membership.
How much does minting the member pass NFT cost?

The NFT (membership) costs 0.4 ETH. Guardian editions with additional access to masterminds cost 2 ETH for whitelisted users. NFT passes are also traded on secondary markets, e.g. Opensea.

Mastermind and Club, what's the difference?

A MoneyHero mastermind is full-service support for an investment topic by an expert. The expert can always be reached via Discord and will help with questions and problems. In addition, the expert shares his knowledge with you and explains how the investment works.  Masterminds are also characterized by the fact that there are regular (e.g. weekly) live calls.  
The is a closed community by investors for investors. In the club, the focus is on community and exchange. The experts  share their investments with you in the club. Of course, you can also get in touch and exchange ideas with the experts in the club. However, there is no transfer of knowledge here and not the same extended support like in the mastermind.

MoneyHero masterminds currently available:
- Optionstrading mastermind (DE)
- NFT mastermind (DE)
- Crypto / IDO mastermind (DE)

How do I get access to the membership area?

Once you have a Moneyhero Club NFT, you can join the secret Discord area. All you have to do is verify ownership of the NFT pass via Collabland in Discord. A more detailed step-by-step instruction is given in our discord channel.

When will the next NFT pass launch?

Check the calendar below for next launches. You can also buy passes on Opensea, Rarible or Looksrare

Where can I buy the NFT?

Check the launch calendar to find out when new editions launch (see question above) or buy a membership NFT on the secondary market.

Are there benefits in owning more than one club NFT?

Each guardian edition will give access to the club content + exclusive mastermind content of this particular guardian, which is another benefit of owning more than one NFT besides the collector aspect.

What is my risk when I purchase a Membership NFT?

You invest your own money in the membership NFT and will be allowed to access and make use of the club content as long as you own it. Access is revoked if you sell it (e.g. on Opensea).

I don't understand enough about NFT yet. Can I still participate?

While we recommend owning an NFT for the best possible profits, you can now also subscribe here and pay a monthly fee for access to the club.

How are funds distributed within the club?

A total of 80% is redistributed to the members of the club (guardians, NFT holders and affiliates). All payouts are made in Moneyhero's own token MYH.

Where can MYH be traded?

You can buy or sell the MoneyHero token MYH on Uniswap here.


How funds are distributed within the club.

Who is behind this?

The organization behind this club and was founded 2017. Since then, the "Geldhelden" academy has given over 9,000 members access to financial education.

The is a logical further development of this concept: Giving  access to decision-making support for financially educated investors.

You can find more about the organization and its founders here and most recent news & updates in our blog.

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